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Full-Body Red Light Therapy. Improve the way you look and feel.

Relax, Recover with Red Light Therapy

The Natural Healing Power Of Red Light Therapy.

Adding Red Light Therapy To Your Daily Routine Can Increase Your Overall Health And Improve The Way You Look And Feel.

Rejuvenated Skin, Anti-Aging Effects, Improves Metabolism And Elastic Production, Enhances Fat Loss, Accelerated Cellular Health.

Muscle Recovery, Increase Testosterone Naturally, Improves Circulation, Decreased Surgery Healing Time, And Pain Reduction.

How It Works

The Most Powerful Level Of R+ | NIR+

The Most Powerful Devices. Each Of Our Products Is Carefully Engineered To Provide Clinical-Grade, Full-Body Red Light Therapy Treatment. Set Your Device At Any Intensity, Including MAX!

Full Body Experience. Targeted Treatments Like Hats, Face Masks, Spot Lights, Body Wraps And Small Panels Are Inadequate. Allow Your Whole Body To Absorb The Healing Effects Of Red Light Therapy. 

Less Is More. Don’t Compromise Your Treatment And Health By Using Products With Unnecessary Light Bands. We’re Focused On Perfecting The Light Spectrums That Target The Benefits You Want And Need.

Rejuvenated Skin, Anti-Aging Effects with Red Light Therapy

Easy To Use Technology.

  • Precise Controls At Your Fingertips From The On Board Digital Control Panel Or Hand Held Remote.
  • Individually Set The Level Of  R+ | NIR+ Light Intensity in 5% Increments.
  • Control Pulse Frequency Levels From 1HZ to 20Hz.
  • Set Treatment Times From 1-30 Minutes Each Session.
  • Medical Grade Treatments Trusted By Experts & Used By Professionals.

Get The One That's Right For You.

Enjoy All The Natural Benefits Of Full Body Red Light Therapy Treatment From Home.

Red Light Treatment That’s Worth Your Time And Energy.

Quality You Can Trust

  • Our LED Devices Are Official FDA Class II Medical Devices.
  • All Products Manufactured In Our FDA Registered Facility.
  • ETL / UL Certifications Performed For Electrical Safety Assurance.

Effective Treatment

Full Body Penetration Is Evenly Applied Over The Entire Body Surface Giving A More Effective Treatment In Less Time And Sessions.

Precision On Board And Remote Controls For Any Treatment Level.

Advanced Spectrums

Our Exclusive Red+ And Near Infrared+ Spectral Output Delivers The Most Advanced Red Light Therapy Available.

Harnessing The Certified Red And Near Infrared Spectral Wavelengths Capable Of The Highest Outputs.

The Beam.

Our Most Popular Full-Body Red Light Therapy Treatment.

Start Improving Your Health, Happiness, And Well-Being Now.

Designed For Optimal Performance, The Beam Delivers Clinical Grade Treatments With Up To 1000 Watts Of Intensity!

View Now

$1 Glass Lined Water Bottle.

Join Us As We Transform Lives Through Stronger Bodies And Balanced Lifestyles!

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