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Recover Red Glass Lined Water Bottle

Designed For A Full-Body Red Light Therapy Treatment.

Everything Tastes Better From Glass, Stay Hydrated Throughout Your Entire Treatment.

  • 14oz Glass Bottle Made Of Odor-Free, Stain-Free And
    Clean Tasting Glass. All Parts BPA Free.
  • Nonslip Silicone Sleeve Protects The Glass.
  • Reusable Alternative To Single-Use Plastic Bottles.
  • Easy-Screw Top Opening – Wide-Mouth Bottle Makes It Easy To Stay Hydrated.
  • Easy To Clean Design: Dishwasher Safe; No Need To Disassemble to clean.
  • Fits Perfectly In Cup Holders.
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We Believe Your Water Should Taste Like Water. Say NO To Single-Use Plastics.

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