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How Red Light Therapy Can Help Heal Your Fresh Ink

How Red Light Therapy Can Help Heal Your Fresh Ink

Got a new tattoo? Congratulations! Whether it's your first or your twelfth – a fresh tattoo is always an exciting experience. But, along with the excitement comes the responsibility of taking care of your new ink.

If you're one of the millions of individuals who recently got a tattoo, you know ink aftercare is critical to ensure it looks its best for years to come. But, with so many tattoo aftercare myths out there, it can be challenging to know what to do and what to avoid – And this article is here to provide exactly that!

One of the biggest myths about tattoo aftercare is that you need to apply ointments or creams that can clog your pores and make your tattoo look dull. But what if we tell you there's a better way to take care of your new tattoo? A way that not only speeds up the healing process but also reduces inflammation and protects your tattoo from damage – and here comes the Red Light Therapy!

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy (RLT) has gained significant popularity as a non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of low-wavelength red light to potentially enhance and promote improvement in skin appearance by reducing wrinkles, redness, scars, and acne. [1] But that's not all – it's also claimed to help with various other conditions, including skin healing after fresh ink.

While there is a lot of ongoing research and discussion on the effectiveness of RLT for different health uses, some studies have shown promising results in some areas – including accelerating wound healing [2], skin rejuvenation [3], and reducing inflammation and swelling.

NASA space technology has also shed light on the healing power of LEDs (light therapy). Researchers have found that light-emitting diodes (LEDs) originally designed for plant growth research in space can help heal patients on Earth. [4]

How Does Red Light Therapy Increase Cellular Healing?


During a red light therapy session, the individual is exposed to low levels of red or near-infrared light, which penetrates the skin and is absorbed by cells. It is believed to produce a biochemical effect in cells that strengthen the mitochondria – the powerhouse of the cell. It is where the cell's energy is produced.

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the molecule responsible for carrying energy within all living cells. Red light therapy (RLT) works by boosting the function of the mitochondria, increasing the production of ATP. This additional energy allows cells to heal faster, rejuvenate skin, and repair damage more efficiently. With the help of RLT, cells can achieve optimal performance and promote overall cellular healing.[5]

How Can Red Light Therapy Help Heal Your Fresh Ink?

During the tattoo process, your skin undergoes significant trauma, leading to swelling, bruising, and bleeding. If not properly cared for, it can even become infected – that's where red light therapy comes in. By reducing swelling and inflammation, RLT can speed up the healing process [6] and protect your tattoo from damage.

Red light therapy (RLT) can also help balance the oils in your skin and eliminate temporary blemishes such as acne, improving your tattoo's appearance and longevity.

Busting the Myth – Red Light Therapy is Safe for Your Tattoos!

If you've heard about the rumor that "Red Light Therapy can fade your tattoos," you might wonder whether using RLT on your ink is safe.

The answer is yes – red light therapy is safe for tattoos. The logic? Contrary to popular myth, red light therapy in the 660nm and 850nm range does not contain UV or UVB light spectrums that cause tattoo fading.

Keep Your Tattoos Vibrant with Red Light Therapy Aftercare!

Red light therapy (RLT) is one of the best ways to give aftercare to a new tattoo. By naturally boosting your body's own healing functions, RLT can speed up the healing process, reduce swelling, and protect your tattoo from damage.

And if you want to give your skin a head start before getting your tattoo, using RLT in the tattoo area two weeks before getting inked can balance your skin's oils and prepare it for the trauma of the tattoo process.

So, are you ready to keep your inks fresh and vibrant?




About to get New Ink? Red light is Good for Pre-Tattoo Too.


You know, getting a tattoo is an exciting decision, but it's also essential to prepare your skin for the best possible outcome. That's where red light therapy comes in!

Picture this: before you even step foot in the tattoo studio, you can give your skin a little extra love and care. Red light therapy, with its gentle and rejuvenating properties, may just be the secret ingredient you need.

Treating the area of you planned tattoo can heal any complextion issues, strenghten the skin and improve blood circulation in that area. All to insure a prefect tattoo on thresh healthy skin!

Here are a few key features and benefits to consider when opting for a pre-tattoo red light treatment:


  • Enhanced circulation: Red light therapy can increase blood flow to the treated area, which may promote a healthier complexion and better absorption of tattoo ink.
  • Skin rejuvenation: Red light therapy has been known to stimulate collagen production, which can improve the overall texture and elasticity of the skin. This could potentially result in a more even and long-lasting tattoo.
  • Reduced pain and inflammation: Red light therapy has been shown to have analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory effects. Prior exposure to red light therapy might help minimize discomfort during the tattooing process.
  • Quicker healing: Red light therapy has been shown to promote faster healing of wounds and injuries. By incorporating it before your tattoo, you may experience speedier recovery times and a reduced risk of complications, ensuring that your tattoo heals beautifully.

So, before you dive headfirst into the inked adventure, why not explore the possibilities of red light therapy? Your skin and your tattoo artist might just thank you for it!

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