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Comparing Red Light Therapy Devices.

Learn Why A Savvy Consumer Will Always Choose Recover Red Over Any Competitor.

Why Recover Red?

Quality You Can Trust.

  • Official FDA Class II Medical Devices.
  • Manufactured In Our FDA Registered Facility.
  • ETL / UL Electrical Safety Assurance Certifications.

Effective Treatment

  • Full Body Penetration Is Evenly Applied Over The Entire Body Surface.
  • Most Effective Red Light Therapy Treatments In Less Time And Sessions.
  • Precision On Board And Remote Controls For Any Treatment Level.

Advanced Spectrums

  • Red+ And Near Infrared+ Spectral Output Delivers The Most Advanced Red Light Therapy Available.
  • Certified Red And Near Infrared Spectral Wavelengths Capable Of The Highest Outputs.

Red Light Therapy is 660nm R+ | 850nm NIR+.

Multi-Spectrum Devices Contaminate True Red Light Therapy By Adding Unneeded Light Spectrums.

More Spectrums, Less Intensity...

Don’t compromise your treatment by devices that add un-needed light bands. True Red Light Therapy is based on 2 targeted spectrums, 50% of each. A device compromised of 6 spectrums has a 15% power output of each spectrum or less, Significantly weakening your overall treatment.

Some Spectrums Are Bad For Your Health..

What starts as a selling gimmick can actually be detrimental to your well being and health. Some studies have shown nearby spectrums to true red light therapy can be effective however they won’t be as effective as the proven 660nm and 850nm spectrums.

Some spectrums like blue and yellow have been proven to be determinatral to your cellular health.

Laser Vs. LED

While lasers played a significant role in the early development of red light therapy, modern technology has made LEDs the superior choice for Red Light Therapy applications.

Lasers emit highly concentrated and focused light in a single spot. This pinpointed intensity requires pulsing and defusing to prevent the risk of burning or damaging the skin. This type of treatment can take less time but will require more frequent sessions.

With their even light distribution, safety, versatility, spectrum accuracy, and treatment Intensity, high-powered LEDs provide a more balanced and effective solution.

Read More About Red Light Therapy Treatments Below.

Recover Red Full-Body Red Light Therapy Devices.

Trusted By Experts, Recover Red Is The Choice Of The Professionals.

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