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Comparing Red Light Therapy Devices And Treatments.

Trusted By Experts, Recover Red Is The Choice Of The Professionals.
Trusted Red Light Therapy Devices & Treatments

Why Choose Recover Red?

Quality You Can Trust.

  • Official FDA Class II Medical Devices.
  • Manufactured In Our FDA Registered Facility.
  • ETL / UL Electrical Safety Assurance Certifications.

Effective Treatment

  • Full Body Penetration Is Evenly Applied Over The Entire Body Surface.
  • Most Effective Red Light Therapy Treatments In Less Time And Sessions.
  • Precision On Board And Remote Controls For Any Treatment Level.

Advanced Spectrums

  • Red+ And Near Infrared+ Spectral Output Delivers The Most Advanced Red Light Therapy Available.
  • Certified Red And Near Infrared Spectral Wavelengths Capable Of The Highest Outputs.

Red Light Therapy is 660nm R+ | 850nm NIR+.

Misleading Manufactures Contaminate True Red Light Therapy
By Adding Un-Needed Light Spectrums.

Targeted Treatment Vs. Full-Body?

Stimulating the trillions of cells within the body results in faster healing times, increased cellular energy production and treats your entire body with the natural healing benefits of red light therapy.

Targeted treatments using lasers have a burn risk requires more frequent treatments and cannot deliver all the natural benefits of full-body red light therapy.

Other targeted treatment devices are typically under-powered, or the wrong light combination usually leading to them not worth your time and energy.

How Many People In Your Home Will Benefit From Red Light Therapy?

Everyone agrees, kids and pets love red light therapy too! Share all the natural powers of this natural treatment with your family and friends from the comfort of your own home.

Don't Be One Of These Poor Experience Reviews Be You.

Popular on Amazon and social media, these products are underpowered, too small, or deliver ineffective light spectrums.

Read More About Red Light Therapy Treatments Below.

A Savvy Consumer Will Always Choose Recover Red Over Any Competitor.

Recover Red Full-Body Red Light Therapy Devices.

Trusted By Experts, Recover Red Is The Choice Of The Professionals.

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