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Return Policy

Max Red Light Therapy Device:

Please note, we do not offer any returns or refunds with respect to our product ‘Max Red Light Therapy Device’. We suggest you to purchase any of our other two products (Beam Red Light Therapy Light and/or Core Red Light Therapy Light) before deciding to upgrade to Max Red Light Therapy. Once you are sure that you would like upgrade to the Max Red Light Therapy, we can accommodate that by offering you the additional units required (charged additionally). However, if you have purchased or have upgraded to the Max Red Light Therapy, no return or refund or downgrade request shall be entertained, unless the product was damaged when you received it, in which case, we will arrange for a free exchange/repair within the period of 60 days from the date of purchase/upgrade. To request for an upgrade, please reach out to us at

The Max Red Light Therapy Device is still covered under the 3-year limited warranty.

All Other Products 60 Day Return Policy 

If you're not pleased with a product you receive within the first 60 days, simply fill out our return form and we will provide further details about how to send it back. Please carefully review our return policy below:


  • Products must be sent back with all contained components in their original packaging, otherwise returns will be rejected. The items need to be in like-new or unused condition in order for the return to be accepted.
  • Exchange and substitution of orders is not permitted. Shipping costs are non-reimbursable, and any returns received with components that are either damaged or missing will be declined and returned back to the sender.
  • You will be responsible for the return shipping and any associated costs. Please be aware that in cases of lost or damaged shipments sent back to us, we cannot accept liability.
  • Once you have completed our return form, we will provide you with a return authorization number. All returns must be received within the 60-day window from which you originally received your item. Any products returned after this time period will not be accepted.
  • Returned merchandise will be checked and processed within three to five days of its arrival. All overseas and international deliveries must be sent to our return hub in the United States.
  • A deduction of the original cost of the item plus shipping fees will be applied to refunds for orders that were refused by the carrier or returned to the sender. Please note, we cannot fully approve refunds until the product is received and checked.
  • All items marked as “Final” or “Closeout Sale” cannot be refunded after they are purchased. Standard returns are not accepted for these types of products.
  • We offer many products that may be categorized as "Open Box.” While these items appear like new, they have been used and may include minor blemishes. Still, our technicians conduct meticulous inspections on each product before it is repackaged to ensure quality and reliability. Open Box merchandise comes with standard warranties identical to the ones offered with the original products. However, it is important to note that Open Box items cannot be refunded.
  • All returns must be approved beforehand and receive a dedicated authorization number. If goods are returned to the wrong address unaccompanied by this number, the customer is accountable for the package and Red Recover cannot accept responsibility for any losses or rejections.
  • We will attempt to reach out to you if any items are returned that are not eligible to be refunded. Recover Red will hold these items for up to 30 days before disposing of them.
  • We cannot accept any refunds for products that do not meet our criteria. If the items are sent back to us outside of the allotted time frame or are not approved for a return, then the customer is responsible for covering the cost of shipment.
  • Please be aware that should any alterations by the customer be made to the shipping address, shipping method, or any other details sent to the carrier, any delays, missing packages, or failed delivery are not the responsibility of Recover Red.
  • We invite you to send any support inquiries to Support@Recover.Red, and thank you for your business.


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